Why DOTA 2 Needs to Change

I love competition. Always have. I love the feeling of winning, and hate the pain of losing. At school I played cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis and more besides. Most of these things I did badly. Some of them, I did OK. I don’t do any of them any more. But the love of competition hasn’t left me.

My first article at Kotaku!

Make Friends, Not Fairytales

This week I had an article published in the monthly IGDA newsletter: Perspectives. My article was written as our company, Quest’s End Games, celebrates its first anniversary. I looked back at how lucky we’ve been, where that luck has come from, and how we’ve managed to stay afloat. Have a read!


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be asked by Flat Earth Games to help out on their debut title, TownCraft. I worked as something of a design consultant – my first time in that role – and had an absolute blast. TownCraft is a fantastic little crafting/ exploration game for iPad, and has been getting some very positive reviews. I can’t wait to see what Flat Earth do next, and hope they’ll ask me to get involved again!

TownCraft is available now on the App Store.



PAX Australia happened a couple weekends ago, and I had my first experience on a panel. I was invited by Leigh Harris of MCV and Flat Earth Games, and alongside James O’Connor and Dan Wilks we discussed the place, purpose and cultural standing of video game reviews.

I took a little while to warm up – there was a lot of reviewer specific stuff before we got to talk on the issue from a dev’s point of view, but by the end I was having a great time.

Supposedly all the panels were recorded by the PAX crew for ‘archival purposes’, but as yet these don’t seem to have come to light. If they do, I’ll update this post to reflect that. In the meantime, my view!

Panelling! Never mind those 4 empty seats right up front ><